Certified ethical hacker(CEH)

Certified ethical hacker(CEH)

Certified ethical hacker (CEH) is a professional designation. It is obtained by demonstrating the knowledge of assessing the security risks of computer systems. The skills and tools that he uses are same that any malicious hacker uses but the way to use them is ethical. His/her main job is to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the target system. They are generally a part of the security team. They have to ensure that the firewall is in place, all protocols related to cyber security are followed and encryption for all sensitive files is done without error.

They are employed by various organizations to tackle security issues. Job titles for certified ethical hacker are :

  • Penetration tester
  • Network security specialist
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Security Consultant
  • Site Administrator
  • Auditor.

A certified ethical hacker is a part of EC-Council’s VAPT Certification Track. EC- Council is The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. It is a member-supported professional organization who works on certifying individuals in various e-business and information security skills. It is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The vision of CEH :

  • To avoid illegal intruders from penetrating in the interior of computer systems. His prior action is to remain updated regarding various malware, trojans, and viruses.
  • Provide Security assessments to clients and companies.

In order to achieve this, he must be aware of the infrastructure and business operations.

Skills vital to be an ethical hacker:

An ethical hacker must have quick problem-solving skills. Forward-thinking strategies and writing computer programming code are necessary to be an efficient ethical hacker. He must be at ease to combat security system issues with excellent customer skills and strong interpersonal skills. His ability should be to analyze the risk assessments and thus act on measures to control vulnerable areas. The reputation of the client is in the hands of an ethical hacker. He has to be worry regarding the credentials of clients being passed in wrong hands.

Duties and responsibilities of ethical hacker:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing data through low-level tools
  • Removing security risks and remediation strategies
  • Dissemination of relevant information – password policy and file encryption
  • Set up security policies
  • Wireless network security assessment
  • Exploiting hijacking and cross-site scripting
  • Train staff and personnel regarding security networks

The certified ethical hacker focuses on the latest malware attacks and developing the latest tools to counter-attack. He prevents the new emerging attacks in cyberspace.


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