How Many IT Tech Support People Are Needed For 80 Servers?

How Many IT Tech Support People Are Needed For 80 Servers?


Today’s world is witnessing a rapid growth in area of science and technology. The development of technology or the gadgets that we use have made our day to day life easier. There are a large number of services and products that we can buy online and even get our complaints heard immediately. IT tech support company provide assistance solutions for manufacturers and service providers. An extensive data base assists tech support agents to provide the customers with best services possible. We also need to note here that the personnels working for a tech support should be skilled and familiar with each of the different products and manufacturers.

The tech companies also provide a first line interaction for the client. Note that tech support company and a customer care are both different since the primary focus of the former is addressing technical issues, while that of latter is experience of the customer. These tech support services are also subject to outsourcing and can be delivered via phone, e-mail, live support software or a website.

Tiers of IT tech support:

An IT tech support company works around the following support tiers. These are:

  • Tier 0: Self help and user retrieved information.
  • Tier 1: Basic desk resolution and service desk delivery.
  • Tier 2: In-depth technical support.
  • Tier 3: Expert product and service support.
  • Tier 4: Outside support for problems not supported by the company.

However, work of all these sections can be efficiently looked by efficient and skilled personnel. The more known people are the lesser hands are required for servers.

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