Why Do Light Rays Travel In A Wave And Not In A Line?

Why Do Light Rays Travel In A Wave And Not In A Line?

Science could really be ambiguous sometimes. Initially, some points are told to you that is later told to be not correct and you have to restart again. One such example is the light that is present throughout this world. It is initially taught to a person that light is composed of photons and hence travels rectilinearly and the law of rectilinear propagation of light was devised. But as you learn further you are told that light is not traveling in a straight line but travels like a wave as it is an electromagnetic wave. This ambiguity was first discovered when Albert Einstein with Max Planck proposed that light shows the dual nature of a wave as well as a particle. The particle nature of light is being witnessed in some cases and in some cases, the wave nature is being experienced. Some of the examples that show that light has dual nature are given below, so do give them a look.

Absorption by photodetectors

A light won’t ever be absorbed by a photodetector if it doesn’t containthe certain value of frequency and hence it is said that the light behaves as a wave and shows wave nature.


The process of interference could only take place if the light has wave nature such that the crests and the troughs of the wave superimpose to give a constructive pattern or don’t superimpose to provide a destructive pattern of the interference.

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