Clinic Trials and it’s Functioning

Clinic Trials and it’s Functioning

A Clinical Study is the research that involves human volunteers to add medical knowledge. A Clinical Study is conducted by the principal investigator or a medical doctor. He is accompanied by a team including doctors, nurses and health care professionals. Clinical Studies are of two types: Clinical Trials and Clinical Observation.

Clinical Trial is a basic research activity where people are volunteered to carry out the testing of new medicines, tests, preventions and inventions of medical fields so as to get out new methods in treatment and management of medical conditions.  Here people often receive interventions that are with regard to the protocol invented by investigators. The interventions can include medical products like drugs or devices or routine behavior like a diet.

What are Clinical Trials meant for?

The basic reason for conducting a clinical trial is to develop new ways of medicinal treatments or investigations. They may also compare the traditional methods with the newly developed ones. The idea behind clinical trials to check out the safety and efficiency of the program because during the development of medical aid it is unknown if is safe or not.

What are the phases of Clinical Trials?

 There are various phases involved in a drug investigation. These are the stages under which a testing program is conducted. There is a total of five phases involved:

  • Phase 0 Trial: This is meant to decide the behavior of a drug. It involves a smaller number of people and a little amount of investigating the drug.
  • Phase 1Trial: The second phase involves some patients. The amount of dose is increased in every subsequent group of patients. The motive of this round is to find if the drug is safe or not and also the dose of the drug.
  • Phase 2 Trial: This involves a larger number of people and is meant to decide if there are some hidden side effects that were not found in the last trial.
  • Phase 3 Trial: This phase aims at deciding more about side effects and effectiveness of treatment on a person’s lifestyle.
  • Phase 4 Trial: This is conducted after the drug is licensed and shown to work.

How do they work?

These studies are focused on a group of people to determine the various concepts about theories involved in medical aid. The drugs or equipment are tested on a group of people and the results are observed for the working and strategy of treatment.

This is an effective way of testing medical equipment and medicines for their safety and working. It contributes to new inventions and discoveries made in the medical field. Also, it plays a significant role in the treatment of patients and health care. They ensure the safety of the patients involved and are conducted only if the patients are willing to.


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