Pros  and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses  That You Should Know

Pros  and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses  That You Should Know

You might be on this page due to the fact that you are in need of a mattress and you want to know more about memory foam mattresses. Whatever your reason, there are pros and cons of memory foam mattresses which you need to know before you commit your money at mattress sales Tucson.


  • Best for back support and spine alignment: Due to the fact that these types of mattresses tend to be denser and firmer, it might be the best one to purchase at mattress sales Tucson for your back and spine support. It is able to study your body contour, mold it, and be able to distribute your weight evenly. It will do all this while ensuring that your back is well supported.


  • It is good for pressure points: Despite the memory foam mattress being a firm one, you will never feel it harsh on your pressure points. It will always feel like whatever pressure you place on this particular type of mattress, it is cradled in the comfort that you will enjoy.


  • No motion transfer: If you sleep with someone who is rough in bed, you will not be disturbed at all because there is no motion transfer. The movement of your partner or pet will not disturb you at all. It is a mattress which has a do not disturb feature for the whole night.


  • Initial odor: At times, there is normally a slight odor when you first unbox the memory foam mattress after purchasing it at mattress sales Tucson. This is attributed to polyether polyurethane. It is as a result of the process of production confining the polyether polyurethane in a confined place. It is not supposed to be too strong and within around 48 hours, it should be off especially in an area which is well ventilated.


  • Sleeps hot: The memory foam mattress is a temperature sensitive mattress. That is why it is able to mold onto your body shape as it studies where the heat is. For it to work well, it needs to be breathable enough. Some come with gel infused layer and hole systems of a pin-core to ensure that, airflow is facilitated in the entire mattress.


  • Too firm: It might take a while before you are able to break into a memory foam mattress. The mattress has a very high density.



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