With a custom phone grip, you can have a better grip at your smartphones now

With a custom phone grip, you can have a better grip at your smartphones now

 Pop sockets were a recent big thing in the marker as it revolutionized the phone grip of all smartphones. A wide design of pop sockets is available in the market and a number of shops offer personal customization as well so that you can build your personalized custom phone grip. A pop socket can not only improve the grip of your device but also help to convert your smartphone into a mini television without the risk of tripping off from anywhere. Thus, pop sockets were a great help to people and now almost all smartphones have a pop socket in them.

Specially designed to improve your grip

A pop socket was designed with the aim of improving your grip and makes a huge difference in the comfort level on the way you can operate your device. If you have not yet tried a pop socket then just try out any cheaply available one from a shop and then you can get an idea on how a customisable can drastically transform your grip.

 Usual features of a phone grip socket or a pop socket

  • These sockets have an adhesive base which makes it easy to apply on to your device.
  • Comes with a no drop mechanism. So, the next time you drop your smartphone.
  • Magnetic material is attached to the socket so that it can be attached to any magnetic body.
  • Comes along with plastic covering as well as a storage box so you can gift it to someone.
  • Usually made of a zinc alloy which is lightly weighted in nature and thus makes it easy to carry around everywhere while attached to your smartphone.
  • Strong enough to support the entire weight of the smartphones to improve the grip.

These customizable phone grips or pop sockets became a huge craze and is available across a wide range of shops in varied designs and colour options so that you can choose the best possible design to improve the overall outlook of your smartphone. If you still have not tried something of this sort to improve your grip it is a must that you give a try and then you will know why these became such a huge craze and why exactly these are so revolutionary to improve the phone grip when attached to any smartphone or similar device.

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